School Staff Information

Aisling Boyle



Admin Staff

Irene Munro & Doreen Barclay (& Kerry Tierney)


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Katie Robinson

Depute Headteacher


The school is part of the Calderglen Learning Community, which includes 1 secondary school, eight primary schools, three specialist schools for children with additional support needs, and one stand alone nursery.

Total number of Teaching Staff             27.5 FTE

Total number of Support Staff               32.5 FTE

Total number of Staff                       60

Ms Nancy Pearson

S1/S2 Principal Teacher


Mrs Amanda Morrison

S3/S4 Principal Teacher


Mr Kenny Balmain

S5/S6 Principal Teacher

Teaching Staff
Art Mrs Gillian Johnston
English Mr Graham Wright
English Mrs Jennifer Graham 0.6/Ms Bernadette Nicholson 0.4
French (0.6FTE) / Travel Training/Total Communication Mrs Elizabeth Cloney (chartered teacher)
Education for Work Senior Phase Ms Rachel Thomas
Drama and Nurture Ms Jessie O’Brien
Home Economics/Guidance Ms Therese Higgins/ Mrs E Dunwoodie
ICT & Nurture Mrs Marie Watts
Maths  Mrs Sarah Friel
Maths  Mr Ronnie MacDougall(0.6), Mr Bobby Mullan(0.2), Mr Jim Bryson (Numeracy Support)
Music Mrs Katherine Craig
Physical Education(0.8FTE) Mrs Carol Bellshaw
Physical Education Ms  Lee Rossi
Religious & Moral Education  Ms Win Baddon
Science and Nurture Mrs Susan Templeton
Social Subjects/Education for Work S1-3/RERC(0.8FTE) Mr Ron Osborne
Craft & Design Technology (0.8FTE) Mr Douglas Ferguson
Social Subjects, Senior Phase History and Nurture(0.6FTE) Ms Sheena Moss
CLD A4/5/6 Ms Anabel Prieto and Mr Jim Moore
CLD A1/3/4 Mrs Rosemary Cuthbert
CLD A1/2  Mrs Elaine MacGregor (0.6) and Ms Rachel Thomas (0.4)
Spanish Ms Anabel Prieto
Wider Achievement/Horticulture Miss Melissa Liddell
Literacy/Numeracy Intervention(PEF)  Patricia Daly
Extended Team
School Nurse Ms Alison Young
Instrumentalist Mr Andy Murdoch
Careers Adviser Ms Claire Findlay
Kitchen Supervisor Mrs Marie McKinnon
Senior Educational Psychologist Mrs Kirstie Rees
Senior Physiotherapist Mrs Anne McKenna
Physiotherapy Assistant Mrs Lorna Rollo
Speech and Language Therapist Mrs Aileen Buchanan
Visual Impairment Support Mrs Geraldine Maguire
Chairperson – Parent Council Mrs Kristina McKean
Support Staff
Team Leader Ms Julie Wedlock
 Office Staff Mrs Irene Munro
  Mrs Doreen Barclay
 Pupil Support Mrs Isobel Flynn
Mr Fraser Hamilton
  Ms Claire Parry
Mr Eddie Law
Mr Calum Aitken
Mrs Eleanor Anderson
Mrs Susan Black
Mrs Lisa Brown
Mrs Jean Clarkson
Mr Malcolm Hobday
Mrs Joni Fairbairn
Miss Claire Fielder
Mrs Dawn Armstrong
Mr Fraser Hamilton
Mrs Gill Goldin
Mrs Gillian Gourlay
Mrs Eileen Justice
Mr Scott Aitken
Mrs Jane Kelso
Mrs Carolynn Lappin
Mr Paul McLaughlin
Mrs Sandra Mills
Mrs Hazel McMahon
Mrs Diane Marshall
Mrs Ann Needleman
Mrs Laura Ramsay
Mrs Lesley Walter
Mrs Elaine Russell
Mrs Fiona Shearer
Mrs Els Smith
Mrs Margaret Smith
Mrs Lydia Stewart
Mrs Anne Marie Thompson
Mrs Anne Baird
Mrs Lorraine Kerr

Ms Fiona Harper

Ms Caroline Carroll