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This page contains information about parents groups which are active in the school. There are also links to websites which may also be of interest to parents.


Reporting will be ongoing and comprise of a range of activities which can include children presenting their learning, newsletters, and ongoing oral discussions.

We will provide parents with reports so that you can see what your child is doing and how they are progressing. In addition, there will be parents’ meetings which offer you the opportunity to discuss how your child’s progressing and how you can contact the school if you wish further information. The school will offer you an appointment time so that you can visit in person to discuss your child’s education.

Our ‘pupil reports’ will help you to get to know more about the curriculum which each child follows and will describe their strengths, achievements and areas for development so you know what encouragement and support you can give.

We welcome any comments or additional information from parents to help us provide the best possible education for your child.

Reports to Parents

Sanderson High School recognises good teamwork among parents, children and schools and is the key to a successful education for your child(ren).

Each year we will provide parents with one written report so that you can see what your child is doing and how they are progressing. In addition, there will be parents meetings held in October and March which offer you an opportunity to discuss how your child is doing in school.

More formal reviews are necessary in order to provide information for pupils, parents,
teachers and other support agencies working with the pupils. These are set up to help

 identify the skills and knowledge the pupil has gained
 to provide reassurance to parents
 to identify needs that are not being met
 to identify any new situations and set long term targets
 to consider and plan any new learning support measures
 to review the pupils Additional support plan or Co-ordinated support plan and update accordingly

The Review Process at Sanderson

Review meetings are held for pupils at yearly intervals. These meetings are attended by parents, Headteacher or Depute Headteacher, guidance teacher and in some cases social work, educational psychologist, careers advisor and college staff, specialist school nurse, physiotherapist or Speech and Language Therapist.

Pupils are encouraged to attend either part or all of their meeting and contribute to decisions being made.

A written report is provided by the school in advance of all review meetings and a member of staff makes sure the pupil is aware of the contents of the report. Everyone attending the review meeting is given an opportunity to speak freely. Recommendations are provided by the school.



Pupils normally transfer from primary to secondary school between the ages of 11½ and 12½, so that they will have the opportunity to complete at least 4 years of secondary education. Arrangements are made by the school to transfer children to the associated secondary school as determined by their home address. Parents of P7 children will be informed of the transfer arrangements made for their child to attend secondary school.

We will also provide you with information at this time and on events designed to let P7 children visit the secondary school, meet up with other P7 children from other schools so that the transition period is as smooth as possible.

Normally children attend the school in their catchment area. However, there are times when parents may wish their children to go to other schools. If you wish your child to go to another school then you may make what is known as a ‘placing request’. If you live in South Lanarkshire and decide to submit a ‘placing request’, we are unable to reserve a place in your local school until the Council have made a decision on the ‘placing request’. Please note if your ‘placing request’ application is unsuccessful and all places at your catchment school are filled you will be offered a place at the next nearest appropriate South Lanarkshire School.

Please note that if an application for a ‘placing request’ is successful then school transport is not provided.

If you move outwith your catchment primary school a ‘request to remain form’ must be completed. If you move outwith your catchment primary, this may affect your right to transfer to the associated Secondary School. Please note the secondary school is determined by the pupil’s permanent home address and chosen denomination. If you require further information, please contact Education Support Services on 01698 454102.

Free School Meals

Children of parents who receive the following benefits are entitled to a free lunchtime meal for their child

• Income Support, Income-based Job Seeker’s Allowance, Employment and Support Allowance (income related), Working Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit(where your income does not exceed £6,420 gross per annum as assessed by the HM Revenues & Customs) , Child Tax Credit only (where your income does not exceed £16,190 gross per annum as assessed by the HM Revenues & Customs).

We would encourage parents of children who are in receipt of any of the above benefits to take up this opportunity of having a meal provided for their child when they are at school. Arrangements are in place so that children who receive free meals are not singled out and we encourage all children to remain in school at lunch time.

Healthy eating is something that the school supports and a range of meals are available at lunchtimes. The current cost for a school lunch is £1.60.

We would wish to draw to your attention to the fact that milk is available for pupils as part of the meal provision. Children who wish to have milk with their lunch can do so.

Education Maintenance Allowance

Forms are available from South Lanarkshire Council website

School Uniform

In support of many parents’ wishes, South Lanarkshire Council encourages all pupils to wear a school uniform. The wearing of a school uniform helps promote the identity of the school in the local community and helps create an ethos of sharing and pride in the school.

In addition, the wearing of a uniform helps towards increasing the protection of all pupils in light of the need to be more security conscious in all of our schools. The wearing of a uniform helps staff and the pupils to distinguish between who belongs to the school and those who may be visitors. This enables staff to approach and identify visitors more readily and helps in trying to offer a safer environment for pupils and teachers alike.

Equality of opportunity is an important aspect of the life of the school and any proposals on the wearing of a uniform will be the subject of consultation with parents, pupils and staff.

Calendar of Events

All Parents and Carers will be sent a hard copy of the school calendar of events. Parent Evenings in 2017/18 school year are : 16th Nov S1-3 6-8.30pm, 5th December S4-6 4.15-6.45pm, 8th March S4-S6 6-8.30pm, 27th March 4.15-6.45pm. All assemblies, Charity non-uniform days, social events and whole school celebrations will be outlined on the calendar.

School holiday information – click on this link School Holiday Dates.

Use the link below for a list of receational resources available for young people with additional support needs. Recreational Resources

Transition Evenings

The school organised a number of Transition Evenings to share information with parents.

Privacy Notice for Parents – general privacy notice (Aug 2018)

Administration of Medication in School Form: http://Administration-of-Medicines-in-Education-Form-One-With-Privacy-Notice.doc

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