Parent Council

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What does the Parent Council do?

The school and the local authority are obliged to listen to what the Parent Council says and to respond to the issues raised.  Our Parent Council are active and are are large part of our fundraising events. We meet monthly and we have a termly newsletter. All parents and carers are welcome to our meetings. Our Chairperson is Caroline Lithgow, parent of an S2 pupil. Parent Councils decide such things as :

  • how their Parent Council will be set up
  • what it should be called (Parent Council or other name)
  • what size it should be – e.g. in a very small primary school, all parents could be involved (no limit on size)
  • who should be a member of the Parent Council (majority of members must be parents)
  • how parents can join and support the school
  • how they can work together with the school and pupils to support children’s learning
  • when the most convenient time is to hold meetings
  • What will be discussed at meetings – these might be topics such as school uniform, parking near the school, the school’s anti-bullying policy, etc. However, it should be noted that a Parent Council cannot discuss issues attributed to individual pupils.
  • Parents can play an active part in helping the school to take forward, Curriculum for Excellence.

Parent Council

The school has a Parent Council which supports the work of the staff of the school.
Further information about the work of the Parents’ Council can be obtained by contacting the Headteacher.

This pack will help you understand what our Parent Council wants to achieve and how we enhance Parent Voice – Parent Council Information Pack

Listed below are current members of the Parent Council and contact arrangements.

Chairperson C Lithgow Contact Through School
Vice Chairperson C Hogg Contact Through School
Treasurer F Marshall
Parent Rep. M McCann Contact Through School
Parent Rep. D Maguire Contact Through School
Secretary  I Munro Contact Through School
Staff Rep.  M Liddell Contact Through School
Clerk Irene Munro Contact Through School
 Headteacher Katie Robinson

Working together – here is what we are trying to achieve

We wish to give parents/carers every opportunity to become more involved in their child’s education.

Parents/carers should be :

  • welcomed and given an opportunity to be involved in the life of the school;
  • fully informed about their child’s educating and learning;
  • encouraged to make an active contribution to their child’s learning;
  • able to support learning at home;
  • aware of their responsibility for the school;
  • encouraged to express their views and involved in forums and discussions on education related issues.

Schools and establishments should be the first point of contact for parents who wish to discuss issues about their child.  Our aim is to resolve issues at a local level.  Education Resources wishes to promote liaison among schools, members of Parent Councils, parents/carers and with other services.  We wish to provide advice and support to Parent Councils, parents/carers.

All enquiries and concerns received from parents are taken seriously.  In order to ensure that enquiries are dealt with effectively contact should be made in the first instance with the school.

General Bullying and related issues, care and welfare issues

Classroom organisation and complaints
Des Dickson Parental Involvement, Parent Council: procedural and administrative issues 01698 454375


Parental enquiries and concerns relating to parental involvement, class organisation, school transport, placing requests, property, additional support needs and inclusive education, and Early Years can be directed to the appropriate service manager:


David Hinshelwood School transport (mainstream), placing requests and property issues. 01698 454408

Anne Donaldson Head of Inclusion 01698 454455