The school produces a School Improvement Plan and a Standards and Quality Report each year.

Standards and Quality MASTER 2018 – Sanderson HS FINAL

Establishment Improvement Plan 18-19 Sanderson HS June 26

Improvement Priorities 2018/19


Literacy Next steps 18/19:


We must raise staff confidence in delivery of Literacy and increase understanding in the delivery of Literacy outcomes. We must improve CfE Levels in Literacy through Staffing, resources and training-1-1 Interventions in Literacy and Numeracy. Staff have asked for Clicker Training and Talk to text assistive technology to improve Literacy. Pupil Equity Funding will be driven towards this priority.

We will revisit strategies to support pupils with Communication Difficulties and continue to embed.

We will continue measuring participation in Leuven scales to raise attainment.

We will have CLD specific Professional Development in strategies, approaches, curriculum and complex needs for teaching and support staff -new Individual milestones Education Scotland to be considered alongside SLC S & P Framework.


York Reading Assessments were not used this year but will be considered for the coming year. Fresh Start programme requires 1 hour a day to make a greater impact. Staff must be trained to deliver this also.


Numeracy Next steps 18/19:



We must improve CfE Levels in Numeracy through Staffing, resources and training-1-1 Interventions in Numeracy and an extra Teacher in Maths 2 days a week. EP to advise to identify specific needs in areas of Numeracy.


Numeracy Programme is needed for pre Early and Early level- research and use S & P Framework as options to raise attainment in Numeracy at Early Level. Baseline assessments in Numeracy for S1 needed and a Numeracy Programme suited to the needs of ASN pupils and their areas of difficulties with Numeracy to be researched and implemented. Resource boxes needed for every Numeracy class-time, shape and money topics.


HWB Next steps 18/19:


Raise Awareness of Managing Sexualised Behaviour Policy and reinforce the consistent messages and language with all staff to improve safety for all.


Safeguarding- Audit of school Policy and Procedure.


There have been more opportunities in all year groups for all skill areas to be experienced apart from in S5 for Understanding. The task this year was to try to give more opportunities for analysing and evaluating and this has been successful in each area of learning. We will continue to maintain this.

Interventions will continue in Yoga, sensory and physical opportunities. As well as group work- Circle of Friends, Managing Anger, Assertiveness, GUAB, Confidence building will continue and EP will advise. Pupils will continue to lead clubs and lunchtime walking groups. Two Nurture Groups will run this year now that more teachers are trained to deliver it. Breakfast will continue.

More innovative Rewards will encourage good behaviour and attendance at 100 points club.

Attendance and reasoning will continue to be monitored


In the coming year, we will look to continue to address opportunities for physical experiences for our CLD pupils and across the school with continued Hydrotherapy, cycling, swimming and Sensory experiences.


Guidance staff will continue to explicitly discuss ‘fairness and equity- using RRS as vehicle with pupils to enhance pupil understanding.


PEF Coordinator of HWB will lead and will have a resource budget. Address issues revealed in HWB Audit, only 2 questions answered did not give cause for concern.


Staff to continue carrying targets around the school, all staff to assess and set targets-Targets communicated to parents by post termly- evaluate.


A School App is to be developed to aid communication with parents. A Parent Group will be led by two teachers once a month.


Professional Development to raise awareness of HWB needs and how to support in classes.

Use Behaviour data when setting targets- HWB HT Awards data will also inform this- new S1-3 HWB PE timetabled to address stress growth mindset, RRSA, LGBT.


HWB focus on improving Mental Health Mental Health First Aid Training for staff, Training in Emotion works to address mental health and emotional intelligence, Training in CUSTAAD. EP advice on Mental Health Interventions and what works. Bands for pupils who show our Vision, Values and Aims in everyday school life- Respect, Equality Inclusion. Revisit Vision Values and Aims and Aspirational vision statement document.


Establish the Reach Forward Programme to be implemented for pupils suited to Nurture but with a greater maturity level. Extend nurture groups to CLD.


More meetings sharing strategies for managing and teaching pupils. Pet Therapy trial for some pupils to encourage anxiety management. WBA Assessment/CP Procedure embedded. TEACCH Training EP- merits of this method and promotion of independence.


Safeguarding- audit school policy and procedure.


MAPA training to be refreshed.


Pupil interests will be surveyed again to update inform personalized subject planning.


Adverse Childhood Experiences and Trauma and how it affects Transitions and behaviour.



Employability Skills/Positive Destinations/Curriculum Next Steps 18/19


Maintain new SQA aspirational standards and new subjects such as Beauty, Spanish and Horse-riding, add new subject opportunities such as RE, History, Horticulture, and French in Senior Phase. More planned college opportunities in S3, S4, S5 and S6- timetabled. We will evaluate impact of raised aspirations on attainment and maintain this standard with pupil support grid updated for this year. We are designing our own Apprenticeship with our partners that will welcome our learners in the entry requirements as even Foundation Apprenticeships require too high an entry level for pupils with ASN. College will be offered to S3, 4, 5 and 6 in the coming year for the first time and will add to accreditation.

Sustain real life learning with transport and drivers. More opportunities will be taken for outdoor learning now that more staff can drive transport and more transport will be provided to maintain this.


Audit increased participation in residential experiences or diversity of skills gained and work with Charity/Parent Council to pay for residential. Improvement in width of experiences and number of outcomes met in HWB-tracking and monitoring as well as certification.


More opportunities again need to be given for pupils to gain Responsible Citizen awards.


Learning Conversations need to be made more explicit to all pupils.

Continue to raise the profile of our registered charity Friends of Sanderson to improve life chances for our pupils.