Transfer/ Enrollment/ Placement Requestsschool-award


Pupils normally transfer from primary to secondary school between the ages of 11 ½  and 12 ½ , so that they will have the opportunity to complete at least 4 years of secondary education.  Parents of P7 children will be informed of the transfer arrangements to secondary school normally by the head teacher of the primary school your child attends.


Admission to the school is through the Admissions Forum which is held when pupils are in P6. The panel would consist of the Head Teacher, Educational Psychologist and  representatives from the authority.

The case for the pupil would be presented by the inclusion team and, following discussion, a recommendation would be made.  After the meeting the authority would liaise with parents.  The starting date would then be a year in August, at the commencement of a new session.

After the Admissions Forum, the parents and pupil would have the opportunity to visit the school on one of the Open Days or by arrangement.


Pupils who attend Sanderson are involved in a comprehensive induction programme where regular liaison takes place with the primary school and units. The principal teacher, Ms Nancy Pearson, with responsibility for S1/2, works closely with the schools and units. We endeavour to ensure a smooth transition for pupils.

  • Throughout the school year, subject teachers visit schools to get to know the pupils.
  • An Open Day is held for parents in April.
  • Ms Nancy Pearson visits all associated schools to talk and get to know the pupils prior to transfer to Sanderson High.
  • In May, our S5 pupils receive “buddy” training. On arrival at Sanderson, each new first year is teamed with a senior pupil who will support the pupil in transition.
  • All Primary 7 pupils attend a two day induction in May.
  • In March, all primary pupils attend a social transition event in Sanderson.
  • Throughout the year pupils are invited to various events held within Sanderson.
  • Pupils and families are invited to our Annual Family BBQ in June.