Aim of Course

The social subjects course aims to introduce pupils to the three social sciences; history, geography and modern studies. Pupils study a variety of topics which will develop skills of enquiry, critical thinking and opinion.

Exposure to the three sciences allows pupils the opportunity to choose a final term topic from choices provided by the teacher. This allows pupils to develop the skills needed to make choices about their learning as they progress through the school.

The subject helps to improve an understanding of our place in the wider world.

 Course Content

Term 1-3

history topic


What’s History? S1,2,3

Home Front WW2 S1

Scottish Wars of Independence S2 Term 1,2,3

Ancient Romans S3

History of Native Americans S3 Term 2,3


 Term 1


S1 Weather Types

S2 Earth’s Structure

S3 Tectonics/Volcanoes

S4 Settlement and

Democracy in UK

Term 2


S1Measuring Weather

S2 Earthquakes

S3 Benefits/Dangers of volcanoes

S4 Brazil

Scottish Parliament

 Term 3


S1 Mapping

S2 Rich/Poor Worlds

S3 Population and Rich/Poor Worlds

S4 Crime and Punishment

Extreme Weather


Given on a weekly basis.

Assessment Arrangements

Ongoing formative assessment based on teacher observation of pupils’ written work, oral responses to questions asked and overall pupil enthusiasm whilst in class.  For fourth year classes submitted for National SQA awards assessment requirements done throughout course duration.


End of year full report.