Aim of Course

To give pupils a broad understanding of the three areas of Science, and an introduction to practical techniques. We aim to increase their understanding of their environment and living things.

Course Content

In Broad General Education, these cover a wide range of concepts such as sight, solids, liquids & gases, matter; substances, the human body and forces. Pupils learn to investigate thinking and have the opportunity to discuss current science topics, living things and mini beasts. In the Senior Phase, Science is a choice subject and appropriate SQA courses are taught.

Topics are based on Curriculum for Excellence and SQA guidelines and outcomes take account of individual needs of the pupils.


Pupils are usually given homework once per week. This may include research on a subject or revising what they have learned in class.

Assessment Arrangements

Assessment takes place continually within the class through questioning and pupil feedback. Written work is assessed in class and kept in pupil folders.  Peer assessment is also used and pupils are encouraged to give constructive feedback.

Assessment is related to the appropriate outcome(s) in Curriculum for Excellence and SQA unit outcomes.


A settling in/review report is prepared for first year, and a full report is issued later in the year.

Second and Third year receive an annual written report.

There are two parents’ evenings throughout the year.