Personal & Social Education

Pupils are encouraged to take care of themselves. Physical fitness, healthy eating and good personal hygiene are encouraged. The school has a policy on sex education which was compiled after consultation with the parents and takes account of the additional support needs of the pupils. The local police work with us to deliver a course which is relevant the local context and the issues connected with this. We have an S1-S3 HWB rotation that allows  PE staff to address fitness, diet and mental health.

Pupils follow a programme of study delivered by their Pastoral Care teacher which is differentiated and tailored to the individual pupil. Through the comprehensive transition programme offered by Sanderson pupils learning experiences are appropriate with progression and continuity on entering the school. Pupils have opportunities throughout the year to participate in Enterprise, Citizenship, Health promotion and ECO schools. All pupils are involved in Inclusion with Calderglen High School where links include, Anti-bullying workshops, Natural High Drugs workshops, Anti – Racism workshops, Discrimination workshops, choir and a variety of fundraising activities. The Mental Health Foundation deliver courses to our pupils and to our staff to allow us to address any issues.