Aim Of Course

Using Curriculum of Excellence guidelines through music, learners have rich opportunities to be creative, develop vocal and instrumental skills and understand the capacity to enjoy music through listening.

Course Content

Learn to play the electric keyboard, guitar, tuned percussion and drum kit  using colour and letter notation, and sing along to music of different styles. Develop musical ideas and composition skills. Communicate feelings through musical activities, listening with concentration using aural memory to internalise and recall sound and use for a particular purpose. Music is a choice subject in the Senior Phase.


No written homework is given. Pupils are encouraged to watch out for a range of music programmes on T.V. e.g. Orchestral concerts, Edinburgh Tattoo. Celtic Connections and X Factor, which are then discussed in class.

Assessment Arrangements

Video, photo and recorded evidence, Use of appraisal skills in their own work to make improvement and progress, Discussion of work of peers. Live performance opportunities. SQA certification in the Senior Phase as appropriate.


Review report for year groups and full reports are issued at the end of the year.

CLD Classes

The pupils are encouraged to be tactile with all instruments available and use the sounds with class stories, cartoon strips, performing as a percussion group, with songs and along to music.

Instrumental Instruction

There is a Samba band lunch club run by the school percussion instructor and the school also has a guitar instructor who teaches pupils from 1st -6th yr.