Aim Of Course

The aim is to ensure Home Economics is fun, stimulating, interesting and raising awareness of the many aspects of practical work.

Literacy and numeracy skills are used when carrying out practical work. Home Economics is a choice subject in the Senior Phase.

Course Content

Food based course:

  • Food safety and hygiene
  • Cookery terms
  • Food preparation techniques
  • Building knife skills and cooker skills for independent living
  • Preparation of healthy snacks and meals to enable a healthy lifestyle


Practice of skills learned within the class to reinforce and build confidence e.g. using scales, measuring jugs and basic hygiene practice and washing and drying dishes.

Assessment Arrangements

Assessment will be in line with the national guidelines for Curriculum for Excellence and appropriate to young person’s ability within the subject. Senior Phase SQA certification is at appropriate level and is an options subject.


Parents’ evenings and formal reports and reviews.