Aim of course

Language is a central element of the curriculum and is at the heart of pupils’ learning.  An essential element of language learning is understanding the many forms that language can take.  Learning to communicate in a foreign language also helps pupils to develop intercultural awareness and to understand the need to act with empathy and responsibility towards others.  Learning other languages enables young people to make connections with different people and their cultures and to play a fuller part as global citizens.

Course Content

Pupils learn French and Italian through Listening and Talking with some Reading and Writing.  Topics include Self and Family, Colours, Animals, Weather, Seasons, Food and Drink.  Pupils also learn about French culture and festivals such as French Christmas traditions and Bastille day.

The course follows the experiences and outcomes as outlined within a Curriculum for Excellence.


Homework takes the form of investigation and links to current modern language websites.

Written homework is issued on request from parents or the young person.

Assessment Arrangements

Pupils are assessed in line with National guidelines as outlined within the Modern Languages Curriculum for Excellence document.


Reporting takes the form of annual reviews and written reports.

Parents and carers have the opportunity to discuss their children’s progress at two parents’ nights.