Education For Work, Wider Achievement and Developing Scotland’s Young Workforce


Sanderson High School’s Education for Work programme is based a number of Scottish government initiatives designed to enhance the development of employability skills in Scotland and to recognise more fully the wider achievements of learners. It is unique as it begins in S1 and is experienced through the BGE until Senior Phase where it is accredited. The EfW Programme is multi-faceted in that it encompasses our unique Education for Work subject in which S1-6 learn about the real world of work and the skills needed after school, it encompasses college placements in S4, S5 and S6, work placements for pupils from S3 upwards with our partners ‘The Furnishing Service’ and many other businesses, Industry Day with over 30 invited business partners, joint working with Calderglen High School where pupils have split placements, informally arranged to build skills and confidence in areas of the curriculum where they excel and where Calderglen pupils can join Sanderson classes to improves skills, CVs and experience and our Wider Achievement subject in the Senior Phase which allows for multiple accreditation opportunities through independent travel training, Transition in Action, Princes Trust, SQA, Community Events, Citizenship and helping our Charity ‘Friends of Sanderson’.

Pupil Wider Achievement in HWB is tracked across the school and all awards from monthly achievement assembly aswell as curricular awards are copied and put in every pupil’s Achievement Folder, which will encompass photos of experiences also and will leave with them on their leaving date.

We track our skills in every subject area- including college, residentials and work experience- to make sure  parents, partners, staff and pupils are aware of DSYW.

Throughout these courses pupils are encouraged to develop skills in Personal profiling and self analysis, identifying skills and personal qualities. They will identify what qualities employees value in a prospective employee and work to develop the same. They will identify work opportunities and take part in work placement. They will interview members of the business community in our Industry day and participate in workplace observation visits. They will develop their skills through Careers advice consultation and take part in mock interviews. They will experience filling in job/college application forms and develop their own Curriculum Vitae.


Pupils are encouraged to look for and discuss with parents possible job opportunities within their local community. Parents have access to pupils’ Login and passwords for the South Lanarkshire Council’s computer based Work IT programme and are encouraged to work with the programme from home.


Formative assessment is ongoing. Pupils are constantly reviewing their own performance and identifying learning opportunity as part of their ongoing personal profiling. Formal assessment procedures are followed through SQA guidelines for each course outcome. The computer based, Work IT system allows for ongoing assessments throughout the course and external reports are given by work experience providers.


Reports are produced for each pupil in line with whole school policy.

Inclusion and Equality

The Education for Work department has developed an inclusive strategy which we hope includes all pupils. We have developed coursework and work opportunities at every level required for the pupils of Sanderson High. We have differentiated the coursework to involve all pupils and we have developed work placements across a variety of levels to allow all S3 to S6 pupils to experience work. Our work placements are developed to provide

Independent Work placements

One week independent work placements set up through South Lanarkshire Council Education department in line with local authority provision.

Flexible Work placements

Flexible one day, half day, two day placements over a period of weeks at Self Found business opportunities, in line with SLC policies. Also week long Self Found placements negotiated individually with employers and verified by SLC education .

Supported Work placement

Supported work placements, where pupils requiring support to access the world of work are supported by Sanderson High support staff, throughout their placement and travel.

In House Work placement

Work placements created within Sanderson High for pupils requiring extra support but unable to access external placements. These pupils will undertake a series of work opportunities within the school supported by teaching and support staff.

Enterprise Activity

The creation of several small businesses within the Sanderson High school year, during which, the pupils manage agreed targets and tasks.

Inter-disciplinary Working

As outlined above many of our in house projects require a high level of inter-disciplinary cooperation.

Information for Parents

Parents are consulted on a regular basis, both formally and informally. Parental permission, for example, is required before any pupil is placed in a work placement. We consult on medical and transport requirements and involve the parents in providing work placement opportunities. Prior to any week long work placements, parents are invited to a specially arranged parents’ evening to discuss prospective work placements.