The school produces a School Improvement Plan and a Standards and Quality Report each year.

Our main areas of focus for 2017-2018 are:

National Improvement Framework Priorities of closing the attainment gap by improving Literacy, Numeracy and Health and Wellbeing in the Broad General Education stage.

Priority 1 and 2: 2.2 Curriculum, 2.3 Learning teaching and assessment

Tasks will be:

Individualised Literacy and Numeracy assessment and interventions to be timetabled- target pupils with communication needs and those at early level. Catch up and Count on Training in Numeracy, Active Literacy resources. Reading pens to assist reading, google chrome laptops to develop digital Literacy, accessibility kits to allow those with motor needs to access keyboards. Writing assistive software and Kindles.

EP to assess Literacy and Numeracy, York Assessment of Comprehension.

Paired reading to be developed across school staff trained. Mobile library in school and use of Calderglen library and public library.

Consider progression pathways re SQA- more cluster courses rather than units.

Plan strategically for senior phase pupils to ensure breadth and balance as they attend other opportunities- college etc.

Effectiveness of new reading programme ‘Fresh Start’ to be evaluated.

Shared learning visits- to focus on developing pathways in particular subjects and SQA accreditation aspirations

Support and Challenge visits- HT and DHT to observe Teaching and Learning in order to ensure shared standards across the school in meeting needs.

Moderation to be established as integral element of learning and teaching- will help to ensure shared standards across curricular areas. Benchmark expectations and aspirations with other ASN schools.

SALT, DS Scotland and EP to deliver in service training re Literacy and Communication.

Residential experience- improve opportunities to improve skills if not attending.

Developing Scotland’s Young Workforce information Session for parents.

Resources- digital also- for Drama as a new subject.

Science S1-S3 resources to allow coverage of more Es and Os.

Opportunities for outdoor learning to increase.

ICT Robotics included in S1-S3 curriculum to increase Es and Os.

Beauty/Self Care as an extra subject, Horse-riding experience in IDL to be accredited by JASS Award, Spanish as a new subject.

CLD resources to meet needs in areas of Music and Technology.

We will raise aspirations in aiming higher for our pupils increasing the level of SQA certification but we will also train staff regarding SQA group awards and motivate them to work together to gain increased certification.

We will continue to work on the JASS Award accrediting IDL and we will continue to work towards our first ever Princes Trust Award and our Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award.

We will add Sports Leader’s Awards to the IDL Curriculum also.

Scottish Standardised National Assessments SNSAs will confirm teacher judgement.

S5 Destination brochure to be created to alleviate parent anxiety.

Priority 3: 2.1 Safeguarding and child protection, 3.1 Ensuring wellbeing, equality and inclusion, 3.2 Raising attainment and achievement/Securing children’s progress

Tasks will be:

The Wellbeing Assessment will be embedded in the school to support statutory and non-statutory needs of learners- managed by SMT to begin with.

SNSA to be inclusive when administered to confirm teacher judgment at nearest level- teachers to be trained in administration.

Nurture Group expanded and timetabled every morning. All S1, 2 and S3 to be Boxall tested. Two more staff trained in nurture and resources.

More Physical opportunities in CLD curriculum.

Sensory Room to be updated to develop relaxation and sensory curriculum- also as space for those with anxiety.

Every pupil will experience swimming as part of PE curriculum- build cycling skills S1-S3.

Address mental health related behaviour and absence caused by mental health thorough EP Intervention.

Growth Mind Set-Training and methods of developing with pupils, In service training for staff- workshop for pupils and parents in partnership with Calderglen.

More ASN specific strategies to be adopted in order to improve understanding and engagement- i.e. symbols, reduced language, use of ICT, signing and augmented communication- staff development.

Safeguarding- Audit of school Policy and Procedure.

Pupil interests will be surveyed to inform personalized subject planning.

Priority 4: 1.1 Self Evaluation for self-improvement, 1.4 Leadership and management of staff,2.5 Family learning

Tasks will be:

Assessment working group to evaluate how we can use data to inform professional duties.

Exit slips to be added to lessons to provide more opportunity to gather self-evaluation data.

Home school partnership activities to be continued and extended – teacher to volunteer.

Parents meetings to increase understanding of self-evaluation and the purpose of it.

Continue effective quality management linked the SIP with all stakeholders.

Family Learning to continue and be evaluated.

Big Plus invite to Parents Night.

Equity and Equality Awareness of documentation and ethos across staff.

Reports template redone to include CfE levels.