The school produces a School Improvement Plan and a Standards and Quality Report each year.

Our main areas of focus for 2016-2017 are:
Priority 1: Learning Provision- Learning, Teaching and Assessment and Raising Attainment
Tasks will be:
• Skills for LLW planned for, assessed, tracked and monitored. Residential experiences and skills gained need to be tracked, evaluated and accredited. College and work experience skills gained need tracked and monitored for attainment. Developing Young Workforce as a priority.
• New Target setting procedure will be embedded, monitored and evaluated to measure impact.
• Whole School Literacy and Numeracy Approach will be embedded, monitored and evaluated.
• Total Communication promotion to continue and refreshers in Boardmaker, AACs and the impact on learners.
• Homework Policy will be embedded further and evaluated by all.
• New planners directly linked to assessment of skills and SALs embedded.

Priority 2: Learning Provision- 2.2 Curriculum
Tasks will be:
• New accredited approach to IDL will be embedded and evaluated across school.
• Design of the curriculum will be embedded and evaluated in streamed classes to improve attainment and inform future curricular development.
• CFE levels data S1-3, SQA outcomes data in Senior Phase and baseline assessment data in S1 and S3 to continue to be gathered to inform planning and the subsequent curriculum.
• Moderation opportunities calendared for teachers to benchmark levels.

Priority 3: Successes and Achievements: 3.1 Ensuring wellbeing, equality and inclusion
Tasks will be:
• School is now planning with skills and needs to develop its tracking of these skills through working groups.
• Audit of all opportunities for work experience and college courses with personalised curriculum have been audited and gaps recognised.
• Partner agencies to work on school set, personalised targets and report progress to school as well as the gaining of skills so school can track.

Priority 4: Leadership and Management 1.1- Self Evaluation for Self Improvement, 2.5 Family Learning,

Tasks will be:

• Shared Learning opportunities will continue needs to be planned and effective.
• Focussed Learning conversations will continue to take place through SMT- learner views.
• Develop Systematic and rigorous data interpretation and meaningful professional dialogue in relation to monitoring and tracking to plan curriculum in a personal way to meet needs.
• Continue a tri-annual planned approach to self-evaluation in pupils, parents, partners and staff linked to QIs identified on the improvement plan.
• Working Groups- continue documenting the changes they make and the impact looking forward in a ‘Change Process Model’ as allows monitoring, evaluating and evolution.
• Continue to develop Learner Profiles- skills based reflective tool for learner. Less teacher input.
• PRDs will take place linked to the IP and council/national priorities and those of the school.
• Family Learning Opportunities will be on timetable.
• Home School partnership will continue.
• Achieving equity of opportunity in school across all Departments and pupils.