English, Literacy and Communication

Aim of Course

Through an active approach to teaching and learning build skills and confidence in  Literacy and Communication.

Course Content

The English and Communication course outline provides opportunities for the development of skills in  Reading, Writing, Talking and Listening through  Literacy topics in line with Curriculum for Excellence.   Topics may be linked to films, books, poems, events or experiences. Through these topics opportunities for teaching spelling, phonics and reading arise. This integrated approach to learning allows all learners to be supported and challenged. Visual supports and Makaton signing are used to enhance communication and understanding. We have a whole school approach to Literacy. All classes have Literacy lesson at the same time and are mixed in age but similar in stage. Literacy class focuses on everyday exposure to literacy with a common outcome, reinforcing Es and Os that are not covered often in formal English class.


Homework activities linked to our Curriculum for Excellence topics will be regularly given to keep parents and carers in touch with classroom learning. Should there be any challenges to completing homework at home time will be given in class.

Assessment Arrangements

In S1-3 Assessment is formative and provides ongoing information to pupils and staff about understanding and achievement.

SNSAs are given to S3 in Literacy at the level decided by their class teacher.

In S4-6 Assessment is both formative and summative in the form of SQA National Assessments linked to National  1,2,3 & 4 courses. These Assessments are taken in class at an appropriate time in the student’s learning.


  • S1 & S6 receive interim reports and final reports
  • S 2,3,4 & 5 receive annual reports
  • Parent nights
  • Curriculum liaison meetings reporting to the Senior Management Team