Complex Learning Department

Complex Learning Department- 3 classes at present

Pupils attend CLD  base class for 23 periods a week focussing on English language and communication, Numeracy, joint therapeutic IDL, French, RME, Guidance, Social Subjects, understanding and relating to the Environment and Health and wellbeing.  for the other periods of the school week, they attend Home-Economics, Art, Music, Physical Education, PSE, Drama and Science as discreet subject areas. Many pupils have individualised timetables that meet their needs with activities such as shopping, laundry and water therapy. Class numbers are small but classrooms are large with breakaway rooms for use when needed to support individual needs. Staff ratios are high and individualised according to needs. All staff are aware of medical needs and plans for every child. Pupils have a quiet area for eating if they need it and are highly supervised at all times. Targets in CLD are set from Curriculum for Excellence but are broken down into smaller, relevant milestones, in accordance with South Lanarkshire’s guidance ‘A Framework for Severe and Profound Learners’ and based on the pupil’s ASP. Targets are based on Communication, Cognition, Self Help and Independence and Physical skills and are linked to Curriculum for Excellence Experiences and Outcomes.All staff monitor these targets, set by base class teacher.

Aim of Course

To develop ability and confidence in decision making, communication, lifeskills, learning and work skills, interpersonal skills, personal care, sequencing and accessing the community. To gain their entitlement to experiences in every curricular area at their age and stage. To gain certification at their level in all curricular areas in their Senior Phase. To meet their milestone targets in every curricular area.

Course Content

Themes in base class include; All about Me, Choices, Out and About and Our World.

We use seasons, celebration times and routines to develop the skills outlined above.

Specific targets may be shared through home school diaries, parents’ evenings or review meetings.

To follow relevant course in all curricular areas to which they are entitled.

Assessment Arrangements

Individual target milestones based on Es and Os are set and assessed through the whole school Assessment, Tracking and Monitoring system. Ongoing Formative Assessment. Photographic and Video evidence used to document experiential learning. Senior Phase pupils in CLD gain certification at their level in many curricular areas, focusing on vocational courses. ASP targets are monitored by staff throughout the year and are evaluated by base class teachers, monthly. Homework is given as appropriate and is individualised.


As per school calendar.
Also – Daily reports through Big Mack/Home School Diary
Annual Review Meetings with Parents.